Awesome 3-D SuperHero Wall Art

3D artA few months ago, when I was looking for Christmas presents for my son, I remembered seeing these really cool 3-D nightlights. There was Thor’s Hammer that looked like it had crashed into the wall, Iron Man’s hand that was crashing out through the wall and a Captain America Shield that was embedded in the wall.

3d ironman

Unfortunately when I decided that I wanted one of them, I couldn’t find one. Well now they are back at Target and apparently there is more cool stuff than what I had seen. There is Hulk’s Fist smashing out of the wall, Iron Man’s Face, Spider-Man’s web-slinging hand and even Spidey’s face.

For you Ninja Turtle fans, they even have all of the turtles and their weapons. Check out Target online or your nearest store to find these awesome nightlights.