[Convention Recap] Sinister Creature Con – Sacramento, CA 6/16-17

In Northern California, Creatures crawl in search of blood, To terrorize y'all's neighborhood

In the muggy, yet strangely breezy, afternoon of a California June, the season of ghouls and goblins can seem an eternity away. The siren call of makeup, hockey masks, and gory films echoes in the mind of any nerd worth their salt, and Sacramento’s own Sinister Creature Con is there to provide a haven for horror nerds and people with black wardrobes alike.

Sinister Creature Con is a premiere Northern California horror convention managed by Tim Meunier. It has played host to celebrities such as Ted Raimi, Barry Bostwick, Nell Campbell, and Heather Langencamp. This year, they featured stars such as Linda Blair, Paul Sorvino, C. Thomas Howell, and even had musical guests Unwoman and Aurelio Voltaire put on a stage show! Alongside guest panels there were also workshops and demos of talent to teach up-and-coming thriller thespians how to put together their own projects.

As a fanboy who grew up sneaking in an extra zombie flick or two past bedtime, this was a fun convention to go to. There was ample opportunity to both pick up some art and rub elbows with people in the industry. Overall, a great way to spend a pair of afternoons. There was even a chance to catch some truly terrifying cosplayers with people wearing outfits inspired from movies, comics, and games in the horror genre. My favorite in particular was a man wearing a “Batman Who Laughs” from DC Comics recent epic, Dark Nights: Metal.

My personal favorite part of the show was the concert located at the bar Holy Diver. The stage experience featured its own brilliant lineup, starting with burlesque dancers and ending with Voltaire’s live show, featuring acts by Jay the Tavern Bard and Unwoman. This was easily my favorite part of the show, not just because of the availability of local liquor, but the music. It ranged from Jay’s melodic, Blizzard games-inspired ballads; Unwoman’s dirges constructed of a cello and vocal plexus; and Voltaire, keeping a jaunty, yet gothic tone to round out the Saturday. The packed crowd responded in turn, forming rows of excited admirers.

The show was fun overall. There was an abundance of workshops to go to at various costs to the convention-goers, as well as panels. The area it could grow in is the activities for people between panels and shopping. There were a lot of cosplayers wandering, but it would have been nice to have organized gatherings in addition to the contest. There was a good amount of people in the Northern California tabletop scene, but no tables giving them a place to relax and get a quick game in-between shopping and panels would have been nice.

Even with nits to be picked, it was still a great event to go to for those enthused by apparitions. The larger event is not the only one to go to; as a California horror institution, there are additional events they work with through the year. This includes film showings and a second Convention in the Halloween season. Updates can be found at their website and social media outlets:

Sinister Creature Con – Sacramento






Co-Authored by Alex A.

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