[Preview] First Look at Action Lab: Danger Zone’s TWELVE DEVILS DANCING #1 by Erica Schultz, Dave Acosta & Andrew Covalt

Twelve Devils Dancing
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The beginning of Erica Schultz’ latest series
Perfect for fans of Criminal Minds and The Following

American comic book writer and editor Erica Schultz, best known for her work on the Charmed comic series from Dynamite Entertainment and as the co-creator of M3, released the 20 page first issue of her newest graphic mini-series, TWELVE DEVILS DANCING, at last year’s New York Comic Con. Now you can get the first issue in your hands from Action Lab: Danger Zone this July, which collects the first three issues (with 64 pages of material).

Twelve Devils Dancing #1 Cover
Twelve Devils Dancing #1 Cover

TWELVE DEVILS DANCING hits all the right notes of a frightening and entertaining cat-and-mouse thriller. When Agent Cooper retired from the FBI with a terminal condition, he was hailed as a hero for his role in solving the gruesome “Crypto Killer” murders. But when the real Crypto Killer emerges from the shadows to taunt him years later, Cooper must confront his past with new clues to solve the case in the little time he has left. The only complication? He has to protect Aisha Miller, a potential target for the Crypto Killer. Aisha is the smartest person (and smartest mouth) in any room. It’s Breaking Bad meets The Following as Cooper and Miller race against the clock to finally bring the real serial murderer to justice.

Working with Schultz on TWELVE DEVILS DANCING is Dave Acosta (Doc Savage: Ring of Fire) and Andrew Covalt (Courage, the Cowardly Dog). “I’m so thrilled about this team. Dave’s line work is spectacular, and Andrew’s colors really make the story pop!” said Erica Schultz, Writer and Creator of this series. “And working with Action Lab Danger Zone has been a terrific experience. We have some great cover artists involved, like Kelly Williams, Maria Laura Sanapo, and Adriana Melo for the first volume, and Natasha Alterici, Michael Montenat, and Kevin Maher for volume two. Lastly, our trade paperback will have a cover by the legendary Bill Sienkiewicz, so there’s a lot to be excited about!”

Professionals in the comic book industry have praised
TWELVE DEVILS DANCING for its quality, including:

Twelve Devils Dancing is an engaging who-done-it that grabs you with the first page and keeps you guessing right till the end.”
– Meredith Finch (Wonder WomanRose)

Twelve Devils Dancing is another dark story from the always creepy and exhaustively entertaining mind of Erica Schultz. With very
strong art by Dave Acosta and Andrew Covalt, this serial killer series makes the reader feel queasy and curious at the same time!”
– Fabian Nicieza (DeadpoolX-Force)

“In the tradition of Silence of the LambsMindhunter, and ZodiacTwelve Devils Dancing is at once a descent into the dark mind of a serial killer, a tense race to end a rash of gruesome crimes, and an examination of just what it means to hunt those that commit violent acts of evil. I was as compelled by the villain as I was by the heroes, and found it impossible to stop reading until I was finished.
If you are drawn to psychological thrillers, this is a book you cannot miss!”
– Vita Ayala (The WildsRebirth: Supergirl)

Twelve Devils Dancing has a unique mix of characters and a suitably creepy villain, all of which give this
thriller a strong start. I was thoroughly disturbed by what I read — and in this genre, that means something went rightI”
– Erik Burnham (Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesGhostbusters)

“TWELVE DEVILS DANCING sticks its foot in the door as a serial killer yarn, but once it gets inside, get comfortable, because its characters are deeper than they seem and circumstances aren’t as black and white and red as they seem. With equal amounts deadly cat and mouse and exploring the human shipwrecks who populate their world, Acosta, Covalt and Schultz have me on meathooks waiting for what they unleash next.”
– Christopher Sebela (Injustice Ground ZeroCrowded)

You can order TWELVE DEVILS DANCING #1 with the Diamond item code MAY181255.

The first issue hits comic book stands on July 11th, 2018.



Erica Schultz is an American comic book writer, editor, and letterer. Erica is an alum of the pilot program for DC Comics’ Talent Development Workshop in 2016, taught by Scott Snyder, and she is best known for her writing work with comic book publisher Dynamite Entertainment on Charmed and the Swords of Sorrow crossover series, as well as her creator-owned crime series, M3. Erica’s other notable writing credits include Marvel’s original graphic novel Revenge: The Secret Origin of Emily Thorne, “Hawkgirl: Weapons of War” in the DC New Talent Showcase, and “Pop Goes The World” in Vertigo Quarterly: SFX #1.

Erica’s editorial credits include Bingo Love for Image Comics, The Resurrected, and she was a co-founding editor of RISE: Comics Against Bullying. She has also worked as a letterer for Alan Moore and Garth Ennis with Electricomics, and on Neal Adams’ Blood for Dark Horse Comics.




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