Cosplay Photos: C2E2 2018 – Saturday (Part 1)

The second day of C2E2 was packed with cosplay. There were definitely improvements when it came to the security and how people were moved around, but there were still issues regarding the metal detectors.

Big costumes had difficulty getting through the metal detectors. Forcing the costumes through the detectors was sometimes an effort as cosplayers turned sideways, to slide through the opening. Many of them resorted to turning and twisting to ensure their cosplays were not damaged. In my opinion, it is futile to send these big cosplays through a metal detector as a good portion of them contain some form of metal. Whether it’s wiring for electronics, aluminum rods for reinforcement, or tinfoil balls to add a shine. All of this means they need to be wanded anyhow. But I don’t really think we have ReedPop and C2E2 to blame for the new security protocols. It’s the idiots that try to bring real weapons and issue threats, those are the ones we need to blame.

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Stay tuned for more cosplay photos!

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