Cosplay Photos – Capital City Comic Con

Capital City Comic Con 2018 feature

Capital City Comic Con is a first year convention held in Victoria, BC Canada and it delivered way more than expected. Like all first year conventions, you tend to approach them with caution. A lot of them over estimate numbers, make promises they can’t keep and don’t really have a clue how to organize things.

I am pleased to say that this convention did fantastic and not just for first year con, they did better than many established conventions. They had a decent line-up of guests, vendors, panels and workshops that everyone enjoyed. All accounts and reviews I have received are positive, with only a few minor hiccoughs (like EVERY convention). In fact, most people loved the convention and the city as a whole.

“…I had a blast yesterday and I didn’t even go inside!”

“It is just like a smaller scale version of the large comic cons. Run super well, everything seems very organized! so far a solid 10/10 for local con”

“Super awsome so much fun even on the slow day yesterday today will be epic”

“Really well organized and run considering first year! I got pictures with 2 guests going for 100$ total between the two and the volunteers were super lenient about how many people were in the pic/ how many pics we took till we were satisfied.

The vendors selection was massive spanning between two buildings, the guest Q&A panel I saw was amazing, and since I’m going to miss one tomorrow I actually requested to speak to the actor at his autograph/ photobooth and got to do so since by the end of the day it was quiet enough. Even Patrick Warburton said this was one of the most friendliest and pleasant cons he’d ever done, and the rest of the special guests felt the same way when they chatted in the green room.

Besides the high price, it’s absolutely worth it considering how personal guest encounters were and the amount of activities”

“…Crystal Gardens was perfectly laid out. Great aisle spaces.. Rarely got congested.

… Epic Photo Ops was fast and efficient as usual. Keep them!

…Panels were really well conducted and informal. Good use of multiple rooms……”


For this convention, I went to several photographers to get some of the best of the cosplay.

Cosplay Photos by Tiffany Harvey


Cosplay Photos by Tony Austin

Cosplay Photos by Don McCaskill at NightShadows Photography 

Head over to his site to check out the rest of his great photos