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Matt Ryan Joins ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ as Series Regular for Season 4

by Tori Ann
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As many a demon and evil-doer has found to be true, it’s hard to kill Constantine. Even though his solo show on NBC was cancelled after only 13 episodes, actor Matt Ryan has remained committed to the role. He lent his voice to the character for both Justice League: Dark and the upcoming CW Seed series. He has also become part of the CW’s DC universe, appearing on both Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. Ryan most recently appeared on Legends just a few episodes ago, as well as returning for tonight’s episode.

Appearing as a guest at Indy Pop Con last year, Ryan talked about his fondness for the character and how he would be willing to appear as a regular on Legends if he was asked. Well, it looks like the Hellblazers hoping for such a thing may be in luck. The Hollywood Reporter announced today that Season 4 of the show would see John Constantine joining the cast as a series regular.

The character will clearly get on well enough, as Sara Lance previously encountered him when he saved her soul on Arrow, and she later called on him when the Legends team was in need of some magical assistance. But what sort of adventures they will get up to remain to be seen, though I have no doubt that they will be quite the trip!


What do you think of this news? Will you be excited to see Constantine join the Wave Rider next season?

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