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[Video] Conan O’Brien Special 1/27/18: CONAN in Haiti

by Jason Bennett
Conan Haiti
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After hearing the remarks by President Trump, referring to Afican countries and Haiti as “shithole countries,” Conan made a decision at that very moment…if the President hates Haitians, they must be lovely people.

So Conan took his show to the island nation to show the wonderful people there and the amazing spirit found throughout the community.

Conan’s Haitian History Lesson:

Conan arrives in Haiti, meets the people, and learns
he and President Trump both have a lot to learn about the history of Haiti.


Conan Visits A Haitian Elementary School:

Conan disrupts the learning process and meets the
future president of Haiti at Ecole Nouvelle Zoranje in Port-au-Prince.

Conan’s Wild Tap-Tap Ride:

Conan makes friends on a Haitian bus
and learns what “coco” means in Haitian Creole…

Conan Hits The Streets Of Port-Au-Prince:

Conan meets Haitians who can string dance,
carry popcorn on their heads, and expertly roast President Trump.

Conan Meets The Entrepreneurial Women Of D.O.T. & Prestige Beer:

Conan checks out local businesses and meets
the working women who carry the country of Haiti.

Conan Learns To Cook At The World Central Kitchen:

Conan learns the art of Haitian cuisine and plays with his food.

Conan Says Orevwa To Haiti:

On Conan’s last night in Haiti, he joins
a roots music band and reflects on his trip to Haiti.



On Monday, January 29th, Conan welcomes
Aaron Paul, D’Arcy Carden, and Kellen Erskine.

Aaron PaulD'Arcy CardenKellen Erskine

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