Wonder Woman Solo Screen Appearances Over The Years

Wonder Woman On Screen
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Wonder Woman and her recent successes are the cornerstone of the DC film industry. Unfortunately, until the 2017 film she rarely appeared on screen by herself, most of her appearances were either in a supporting roles or as part of a team.

Unlike her dark knight and boy scout compatriots, Wonder Woman’s solo appearances can be easily counted by any grade-schooler.

As you can tell, a lot of thought went into the names of these shows.

Unfortunately, only two of these can be considered a success, the 1975 TV series with Lynda Carter and the 2017 film with Gal Gadot. Lets hope that the Gal Gadot sequel comes up with a better name.

Where to find them

Some of the above mentioned shows are harder to find than others, but we’ve got a list of where to find them


The 2017 Gal Gadot Film can be bought or rented on Amazon or pretty much anywhere else that has movies for sale.


Veronica Pierce Wonder Woman

I’m not even sure if the 2014 Veronica Pierce film was finished, as I have not been able to find a copy of it anywhere. All I can find is the photo from IMDB. The storyline showed potential “Wonder Woman pursues a villain named Dr. Barbara Minerva (also known as Cheetah) who has set a plan to capture and end the world of Wonder Woman.”


This 2013 Wonder Woman starring Rileah Vanderbilt was produced by Rainfall Films and even though it is only three minutes, I want to see more.

This series of shorts produced in 2013 by DC Nation and voiced by Susan Eisenberg are interesting and a different take on Wonder Woman. We created a playlist for the three shorts;


The unaired Wonder Woman pilot from 2011 starring Adrianne Palicki is hard to find, but not impossible.


Another easy to acquire Wonder Woman film is the animated version produced in 2009 and voiced by Keri Russell. It can easily be found on Amazon and probably a few other places that sell videos.



Once again, another easy to acquire copy because every Wonder Woman fan loves it. For many of us, Lynda Carter will always be Wonder Woman. You can pick it up on Amazon for a good price.

The Cathy Lee Crosby movie pilot of Wonder Woman from 1974 is a journey into…”interesting.” This is definitely not the best Wonder Woman out there, but we can be thankful to Cathy Lee for leading the way. This can also be picked up on Amazon.



The 1967 unaired pilot stands out from the pack for several reasons. The main reason is because it is the only one that doesn’t call itself ‘Wonder Woman.’ The other reason it stands out is because it is so very bad.  Hoping to achieve the same feeling, the series was created to mimic the campy Batman TV series, which was so popular at the time, and instead fell flat on its face. “Who’s Afraid of Diana Prince?” was so bad that it is very easy to see why it was never picked up as a show.