Quick & Easy Halloween Costuming: The Doctor’s Companions

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Halloween is almost here and you need to come up with a fast, quick and easy costume. We’ve compiled some great costumes that you might be able to toss together just from your closet.

We have previously covered Wolverine (with some do-it-yourself claws) and the many faces of Doctor Who.

This week, we will walk you through the basic pieces required for several of the The Doctor’s companions (and a few enemies).


Donna Noble

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Key elements for this costume include:

  1. Read hair that falls a little bit below the shoulders with swept bangs.
  2. Long layers are typical with most Donna outfits
  3. Comfortable shoes
  4. Dark pants
  5. swooped neckline to show just a bit of cleavage

Bullish attitude is one of the big parts you need to carry this costume off. Donna wears several different outfits, most of them long and layered. The most iconic are the bridal gown and the brown raincoat.

Lady Cassandra

This costume is a little different than the others, but still simple. You can make yourself a flat sheet between boards and stick your face through it, or you can dress in white and carry a sprayer and a model of Lady Cassandra as one of the medical attendants.


Empty Child

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Perhaps one of the easiest and creepiest Doctor Who costumes. All you need is a WWII era gas mask, or something that looks similar and some simple clothes that could have been around in that era. The simplest would be a pair of old style pajamas and a bathrobe.


Petronella Osgood was a huge fan of The Doctor, so she adopted many of his stylings. Basically, take any recognizable component of The Doctor’s wardrobe and add a lab coat and some dark rimmed glasses.

Oswin Oswald / Clara Oswald / Impossible Girl

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There is no truly iconic look or accessory for this character. She likes skirts, but not always. When she does wear them, it is frequently with tights. Sometimes her hair is up, sometimes down, sometimes pulled back. The only consistency is her hair color and she stands a little knock-kneed. So basically, pick a look and see what you can do.

The Silence

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This is a simple cosplay that you can do two ways. The simplest method is to be a silence victim. Just put black tally marks on your arms and face. Those represent how often you have seen the silence. You can dress as one of the characters, but any Dr. Who fan will know what the marks are from so you can pretty much wear anything.

The other way is to play The Silence themselves. You need a black suit and a mask. You can get a cheap mask on Amazon.

Rose Tyler

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Rose had a lot of looks and outfits, but a few of them become iconic.The ones in the photos are the most popular looks. Perhaps the hardest look to achieve is the 50’s pink dress, but Bad Wolf Closet did a spectacular job detailing it all out.

The simplest looks and one of the easiest to recognize is probably the Union Jack shirt, which can be found on Amazon


Rory Williams

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Rory typically had a simple look, probably the most complex was the Roman Centurian. A simple look is the blue medical scrubs with a grey plaid hoodie. You can also go for the hashtag marks from “The Silence” or Captain Rory with the eyedrive eyepatch.

Amy Pond

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Amy had a LOT of outfits, but a few are more iconic than others and most of them are pretty simple. The key to Amy is the long red hair with no bangs. If you want to go simple, there is always the marks from The Silence.

River Song

Nothing says River as much as that hair. You can wear almost anything with that hair, call people ‘sweetie’ and you are set. But, for your reference we have included several photos of her more iconic outfits. Once again a simple outfit is the black suit or the counting marks, but almost anything works for River.

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Hopefully we have given you a few ideas for a quick and simple Doctor Who Halloween costume. Stick around as we look at some more simple costumes you can probably throw together quickly.


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Key elements for this costume include:

  1. Victorian up-do
  2. White blouse with a stiff collar and puffed shoulders
  3. Victorian frock coat in a plum color with a matching skirt
  4. Black ankle boots

Unless you have a wardrobe filled with Victorian clothing, I doubt you will find this easy to just ‘toss together,’ but she had such an iconic look that I couldn’t ignore her.

Key accessories include a cameo pinned at the throat, blood red lips and nails. and frequently a black boater hat set at an angle on her head. When it comes to Missy think Victorian/Downtown Abbey style. And don’t forget about Missy’s frequent bouts of over-dramatization, dramatic twirls and frequent preening. 50% of this costume is attitude. If you put the clothing together, watch a few clips of Missy to get it down.