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‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Will Explain Thor and Jane’s Relationship

by Tori Ann
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Aside from a short mention in Avengers: Age of Ultron, fans have not seen Jane Foster since the second Thor movie, The Dark World. At that point, Thor was staying on Earth to pursue his relationship with the scientist. But knowing the cosmic nature of the Thor: Ragnarok, many fans have been wondering about the status of their relationship.

Well, we need not wonder any longer. It seems that the two will no longer be a pair by the time Ragnarok takes place, further solidified by Natalie Portman’s prior statement that she was done with Marvel films. Naturally, this has led to many wondering if Tessa Thompson’s Valkryie would become Thor’s new squeeze, but in a set visit star Chris Hemsworth elaborated on his character’s feelings toward Valkyrie.

“It’s like Thor’s meeting his hero! And he’s absolutely smitten by her and because of her history, and being a Valkyrie and all of that. But she’s also this beautiful woman so he’s kind of caught off guard. And she can, you know, she could beat the s*** out of him if she wanted. So I think he hasn’t come up against that very often.

It certainly wasn’t the case with Jane. There was a whole different affection and love there. So that was another, you know, ‘How can we make that different from the previous one?”

When asked if that meant that Thor was completely over Jane, he replied, “Umm, no we have this, we have some… some very respectable fun with how that relationship may have come to an end [laughs].”

So while Jane Foster will not make an appearance in the film, she will at least be mentioned and we will learn how the two parted ways.

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