Cosplay Photos: Wizard World Chicago – Saturday (Pt.2)

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Wizard World Chicago 2017 has come to a close, but that doesn’t mean we are finished with it. We still have interviews to write, panels to summarize, the convention to discuss and of course, lots of cosplay photos to put up.

We’ve already done some of it, which can be found at the links below;

Thursday cosplay photos

Friday cosplay photos pt. 1

Friday cosplay photos pt. 2

Saturday cosplay photos pt. 1

If you see yourself, please put something in the comments and we will gladly attach your name to the photo. We want you to get the credit for all of the wonderful work you did. Everyone looked great!

Cosplay Photos

To see what else is coming to your neck of the woods this year, watch the 2017 Cosplay Convention List or to plan next year, head over to the


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