Cosplay Photos: Wizard World Chicago – Friday (Pt. 1)

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Friday is when the Wizard World Chicago convention truly starts and you start seeing more cosplay. This is when most of the guests make their appearances and the rest of the artists finally appear. You did your shopping on Thursday so now you check out the artists and the celebrities.

Unfortunately, one celebrity had to cancel at the last minute.

Sadly for our Wizard World family, a member of David’s immediate family has been struck with an illness that has forced cancellation of his plans. We trust all will be well in London and send our thoughts and prayers to David and his entire family.

We’ll be issuing full refunds for all VIPs (dual and single) along with single and dual/group photo ops and autographs. BUT, anyone who IS a VIP still gets their general admission and their swag bag, so you’ll still get into the show this year.

In addition, everyone that’s being given a refund for anything related to David will be given free weekend admission to Chicago 2018 (August 23-26) as well as any and EVERY FUTURE 2017 show that they want to attend. Please keep an eye on your e-mail inbox this weekend for details and options.

We are so, so sorry for this cancellation – we take the fan experience seriously and know that you’re passionate about this, so we’re doing our best to make things right in the face of this cancellation.

It was a tragically unexpected incident that no one could control, but in my opinion Wizard World has done a spectacular job in their attempts to appease everyone. They have issued refunds and free passes to everyone affected.

Cosplay Photos

(Thursday Cosplay Coverage can be found here)

Overall, it was a great day at Wizard World and there was a lot of great cosplayers and cosplay;


I am looking forward to seeing a lot more today and talking to more people. If you get a chance, say hello! If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, then don’t forget to use code PopCultHQ10off to get 10% off your ticket when you order online for ANY Wizard World Event.