Cosplay Photos: Wizard World Chicago – Thursday

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Thursday, August 24th was the first day for Chicago Wizard World 2017 and it was a great opportunity to see what this weekend will be offering. Of course, the crowds were thin and the cosplay sparse, but we still got great shots.

We also had an opportunity to interview Master Daniel Pesina who was the choreographer for some our favorite fighting characters from the Mortal Kombat games and today we have more interviews lined up.

Security is set up outside of the convention center, under cover and is fairly straightforward. They have multiple queues set up for those with bags and those without bags. They also have a VIP entrance and have made allowances for accessibility access, large costumes and strollers.

If you were hoping for some cool loot in the con bags, don’t bother…

Comic Con Grab Bag

Don’t be surprised to see a few odd things around like chiropractors, hot packs, windows, and roofing vendors, but at least there are not as many as last year. We did find these two guys hanging out in the foyer. They will make for some great photo ops for people;

If you are there for the cosplay, even a slow day like Thursday found us a fair amount.

I even sniped a couple of celebrities;

I am looking forward to seeing a lot more today and talking to more people. If you get a chance say hello. If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, then don’t forget to use code PopCultHQ10off to get 10% off your ticket when you order online for ANY Wizard World Event.