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Help PopCultHQ and (hopefully) Help Yourself with BitCoins

by April Carvelli
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Running a website is expensive and time consuming. The traditional way to offset the cost has been to run advertising on the site. Unfortunately, advertising doesn’t pay what it used to and definitely doesn’t cover the cost of hosting, let alone everything else involved.

I am lucky because I have a wonderful team that write simply because they love writing. They don’t get much compensation for what they do here. They get press passes, the occasional opportunity to mingle with minor celebrities and artists, and they get their name out there on a respected news source.
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Since the beginning, PopCultHQ.com has been about honesty and integrity and that is what draws our readers in. We want to keep that reputation. We could increase our advertising revenue by adding more advertisements, allowing popups or by removing the restrictions (against gambling, religion, dating and adult content) on the ads. We don’t want to do that to our readers. We don’t like seeing those things on websites, so why should we subject you to them?

Other sites have resorted to asking for donations to keep their sites running, but I don’t like the idea of begging for money from our readers. (But if you really want to give us money, we have a Patreon site or you can simply donate straight to Paypal)

I have been exploring other options to raise money for the site. One option was affiliate selling programs, but those don’t work very well, probably because we don’t and won’t do a hard sell. I have also sold personal items, art and swag online via Amazon or eBay – this works to a degree, but I’m running out of swag that people actually want.

The newest option I have come across can be a benefit to both us and you, our readers.

Bitcoins have been in the news a lot lately, and if you are like me you have pretty much ignored them, until you heard they were topping a value of $2,000 USD.  Over the last few weeks I have been exploring BitCoins and have come to the conclusion that they are actually viable.

Bitcoins are a virtual or crypto currency. They aren’t something you will see on your paycheck, but you might be surprised how many places will accept them as payment. If don’t know what they are, or what they are capable of then CNN has a nice clean, basic description of them, HERE.

Currently (as of 8/3/17) one BitCoin is worth $2760 USD. Each BitCoin is comprised of 1 million Bits. Bits can be broken down to Satoshis, 100 Satoshis is 1 Bit.

100 Satoshi = 1 Bit

1, 000, 000 Bits = 1 BitCoin

I’m not going to ask you to buy me BitCoins or contribute to my funds. I’m going to ask if you want the opportunity to make some money, while helping us?

There are a lot of ways out there to make Satoshi’s but to be honest they aren’t worth your time. At today’s rate, it takes 35901 Satoshis to even make a dollar which means it will also take 359.01 Bits to make that same dollar. Most of the sites I have seen that offer to help you make Satoshi’s offer you very little in return for your time and effort. The same is for most sites offering to pay in bits, they will offer you fractions of a bit or ask you to do so much work for the bit that they are the only ones that benefiting.

I have been running a lot of different things on my computer lately and believe me, A LOT of them are BAD! So be careful if you start playing in the BitCoin field.

UPDATE 12/22/17 – This was great while it lasted, and it might pick up again, but for now, I am not recommending them  BitCoinGet. I however had luck with FreeBitco.in. I like the fact that you can earn a  few random every hour and they also have a mining system that allows you to make bits when you aren’t using your computer. If you earn enough bits then you can even earn interest from them.

One decent program I found is BitCoinGet. All I have been doing on this site is playing some videos and that is that is only randomly between writing, looking for a job, handling social media, playing a few games, housework and hanging with my family. In one week of random video I made 1,154 bits which converts to $3.16. Not too bad for not really trying. I put on videos and let them play while I do a few other things, and if you want to make more, they have surveys and tasks. Or, you can set up a referral program like we are trying to.

It all depends on how you would like to make something with minimal effort. If you want to get involved in crypto currency and BitCoins, then this is the way to do it, without risking your own money. All you might lose is a little bit of time. Use our link to sign up and PopCultHQ will get a slight commission on whatever you make, so if you decide to do it…we both benefit. If you sign up and decide it is not for you, then no big loss on either side.

If you are still interested then here is how you do it;

I created a brand new Gmail address for these experiments, because I didn’t know what would happen and used that for the signup process. I didn’t want to risk potential viruses or excessive spam and it’s actually nice because I haven’t gotten either.

  1. You will need a virtual wallet to store your virtual currency, so I suggest you sign up with BitPay, which is the one I decided to use. I do suggest that you do own research to find a wallet you like.
  2. Once you have a virtual wallet go to BitCoinGet using this link if you don’t use the link then PopCultHQ will not get credited for it.
  3. Once you are signed up, start watching videos, some of them are actually pretty good, even if the run is limited.

You will need to watch/run 3 videos which are typically separated by one commercial each. A set of three videos will earn you two Bits.

BitCoinGet will pay out into your virtual wallet after 1000 Bits are earned and payment will be issued within 24 hours of earning that 1000 Bits. You won’t make a fortune, you may not make much at all, but it is something.

Other ways you can help us is by contributing directly via Paypal or Patreon site, clicking on the advertising links, by reading as many of our articles as you can and by having your friends start reading us.

Without our readers we wouldn’t still be here, so we must be doing something right. Thank you for taking the time to visit our site, thank you for reading and sharing our articles, and thank you for helping us in any way that you can. I hope we continue running the site for many years to come.

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