#SDCC2017: See All of The CW’s DC Show Promo Videos Here

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Yesterday was a big day for DC Entertainment at San Diego Comic Con. Not only did they premiere a new Justice League trailer, but The CW’s DC shows had their moment in the sun as well. We’ve compiled all of the promo videos for the upcoming seasons in one spot for your enjoyment!

Starting off with Supergirl, we see Kara missing Mon-El after his departure in the Season 2 finale, but she would still make the same decision she made if she had to do it all over again. She is struggling to maintain a normal life, saying that Kara Danvers was a mistake – she tried to be human, but she’s not. We see clips of Supergirl fighting and Alex firing a gun. We gets glimpses of the season’s new villains, including one telling Lena Luthor that she now has all of his attention.

New episodes of Supergirl return October 9 at 8PM Eastern/7PM Central.

Next up is The Flash. The video starts with Iris giving a voice-over while we see the events of last season’s finale where Barry gave himself up to the speed force to be imprisoned for his mistakes. Team Flash is visibly broken without Barry, but Iris is trying to be strong like Barry wanted her to be. The team comes together when a new villain appears, but he demands The Flash, or else the city will die. In a bit of a surprise we see Caitlin Snow appear in the promo as herself, and not Killer Frost. The last time we saw her, she left the team as Killer Frost, determined to take some time and decide who she wanted to be. At the end of the video we see a figure in red racing around – could this be The Flash returned?

New episodes of The Flash return October 10 at 8PM Eastern/7PM Central.

Following the Scarlet Speedster is DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. The events of the Season 2 finale led to catastrophic events, as the team “broke time.” They discover that there are more anachronisms popping up than they could hope to fix in a lifetime. Picking somewhere to start, they go to the past and the days of circus creator P.T. Barnum, or as Sara says, “Bringing the circus to the circus.” Chaos typical of the Legends team ensues, but Sara says that Rip Hunter is hiding something from them and that a greater evil is coming. She is told that they cannot handle it, but she insists that they can, followed by a montage of the Legends doing what they do best. The video ends on a humorous note, where Stein refuses to ever set foot on the Titanic, saying whoever built that ship should be shot. This is a tongue-in-cheek reference to one of actor Victor Garber’s previous roles, as he played the ship’s builder Thomas Andrews in the film Titanic.

New episodes of Legends of Tomorrow return October 10 at 9PM Eastern/8PM Central.

The last of the returning DC shows on The CW is Arrow. The first half of the video recounts much of Season 5’s arc with Prometheus, including that cliffhanger of Lian Yu exploding, possibly with Team Arrow and Samantha (the mother of Oliver’s son William) still on it. The rest does not give away much for the upcoming season, though we do see that at least Black Siren, Black Canary, and Slade Wilson survived. There are lots of shots of the Green Arrow fighting alone, still leaving us in the dark as to what happened to everyone else. Black Siren is now in Star City out to cause trouble and we see Black Canary stepping up to take her on. William has definitely been shaken by being kidnapped by Prometheus, and is having bad dream. He’s asked who he thinks the bad man in his dream is, and he says that it’s Oliver. The promo ends with Slade telling Oliver that they both walk in two world, and that they can only do that for so long.

Arrow returns with new episodes October 12 at 9Pm Eastern/ 8PM Central.

Finally, we have the network’s latest superhero show – Black Lightning. Much of the video shows comic panels, video clips, and behind the scenes footage of Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow mixed with dialogue meant to instill a sense of hope and courage. We get very few shots of the the show Black Lightning itself, much of it from the previously released first look video. It seems that with this show they wish to send a message of that no matter how tough things are, justice will be be done and good will conquer over evil

Black Lighting will premiere sometime on 2018.


What do you think of these videos teasing the new seasons of The CW’s DC shows? What show are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments!

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