Cosplay Photos: Anime Central (ACEN) Part 5 – The Adventures of Baby Groot and Master Roshi

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Master Roshi decided to take a break from training his new apprentice, Groot, and pay a visit to ACEN in Chicago.  Of course, he had to bring Groot along, after all you can’t leave children home alone and Master Roshi, thought having a cute little Groot along might help him with the ladies.

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Master Roshi even dressed up for the occasion in one of his suits. Groot has learned that it can seem a little rude to wander around naked so he begrudgingly put on the only piece of clothing he has, the Ravager uniform.

Baby Groot and Roshi get dressed up to hit ACEN

He was so excited he was dancing the whole time.

Of course Groot ran into a few friends.

Even Master Roshi saw an old acquaintance or two.

Things went pretty well for a while and they both met some new and ‘Interesting‘ friends.

And Groot had the opportunity to cheer up a sad clown and give him a hug.

Groot even got to cheer up a sad Clown

The biggest problem was that every time Roshi got distracted, someone gave Baby Groot a weapon. Anyone that is even remotely familiar with young Groot knows that is not a smart idea.

Well, maybe the biggest problem was how often Master Roshi was distracted.

When Groot heard Master Roshi say something about getting some tail, he thought he would try some himself.

Overall, Groot had a fantastic time, but probably the best part was something that would make Peter Quill envious…he got to play a classic video game called Centipede.


Baby Groot and Master Roshi cosplays created by PopCultHQ’s own Reptile. Check him out on Facebook at Laird of Cosplay.