Cosplay Photos: Anime Central (ACEN) Part 2

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After hearing about the fun of ACEN from my friends for years, I finally had the chance to attend and I can definitely say that it did not disappoint!

With this being a 24-hour convention, there was always something going on, even well before or after the vendor floor was closed. Due to my schedule I was only able to attend Friday and Saturday during normal con hours, but even then there was so much going on that you would be hard-pressed to be in want of something to do. If you didn’t want to walk around the vendors,  there were lots of panels and screenings, cosplay photoshoots and meetups, and just hanging out with other cosplayers. If you didn’t want to be in the convention center, many attendees would hang out in the attached host hotel.

Even though ACEN is mainly an anime con, there were still plenty of attendees walking around in non-anime cosplays (myself included). There also seemed to be a higher number of attendees in cosplay compared to a lot of the comic cons I have attended. Regardless of what type of cosplay they wore, everyone seemed to be bringing out their best cosplays and looked absolutely fantastic and were more than happy to pose for photos when asked.

Here is the first half of my cosplay photos from Friday of ACEN. You can find Part 1 of our ACEN cosplay coverage by our very own Reptile here as well as fellow writer and ACEN attendee April’s Part 3 article here! We also added Part 4Part 5Part 6, and Part 7!

Be sure to stay tuned for even more ACEN coverage from PopCultHQ!

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