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Preview Valiant Entertainment’s New Release (4/19): NINJAK #26 by Matt Kindt & Marc Laming

by Jason Bennett
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This coming Wednesday, April 19th on New Comic Book Day (NCBD), Valiant Entertainment has the final part of “The Seven Blades of Master Darque” storyline in NINJAK #26! 

Ninjak and Roku’s battle to the end in NINJAK #26 by Matt Kindt & Stephen Segovia! “THE SEVEN BLADES OF MASTER DARQUE” comes to its game-changing conclusion right here as Ninjak, Roku, Master Darque, the Shadow Seven, and more all meet their ultimate destiny… Everything Matt Kindt has building towards for 2+ years is about to come roaring to a head in the final issue of his overarching super-spy epic!

Here’s a look at the #NCBD release from Valiant this Wednesday!


Ninjak #26 – Cover A by Ryan Bodenheim

Ninjak #26 – Cover B by Juan Jose Ryp


Writer: Matt Kindt
Art: Marc Laming


Cover A – Ryan Bodenheim (FEB172068)
Cover B –Marc Laming (FEB172069)
Cover C – Robert Gill (FEB172070)
20 Copy Cover D – Bob Layton (FEB172071)
50 Copy Cover E – Tula Lotay (FEB172072)

Battle royale! The moment you’ve been waiting for is here-the final, steel-splintering showdown between Ninjak and Master Darque! But when Valiant’s top assassin and lord of death come to blows, you can bet there’s going to be serious collateral. What will become of the deadly crime cartel known as the Shadow Seven? What final fate awaits the life of Ninjak’s former lover and most hated enemy, Roku? All will be revealed as Ninjak enters a blistering barrage of revelations and revenge…and exits with a brand-new place in the Valiant Universe!


Ninjak #26 - Cover C by Robert Gill
Ninjak #26 - Cover D by Bob Layton
Ninjak #26 - Cover E by Tula Lotay


$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On Sale APRIL 19 (FOC – 3/27/17)

<ECCC 2017: PopCultHQ Interviews Writer/Artist Matt Kindt>






*** info courtesy of Valiant Entertainment

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