First Look at Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins

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There are certain movies that don’t need to be remade. I think Mary Poppins is one of those.

However in late 2018, we get Mary Poppins Returns and I have to say, it’s about time, Mary. Over fifty years has been a very long time.

This weekend, we get our first look at Emily Blunt as Mary. However we don’t get to see her face, but remember , this is a true first look. Blunt is wearing a stripped purple and blue dress with a slanted pink hat, which hides her face. Of course no Mary Poppins would be complete without some gloves to match.


Blunt brings Poppins back to the silver screen after many years and many generations of kids falling in love with her. Julie Andrews does a wonderful job and it’s hard to imagine that she filmed Poppins and The Sound of Music , back to back , in the 1960s.  The film takes place about twenty five years after the original and also includes Dick Van Dyke. Angela Lansbury was the most recent cast actor to join the amazing cast as she will play The Balloon Lady, just announced last month.

The official date for this to hit theaters is December 25th 2018, so I know there will be lots more news to hit between now and then. That’s almost two years and will seem like forever.