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Adam Glass Teams w/ Dennis Calero to Bring THE NORMALS to AfterShock Comics

by Jason Bennett
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After widespread acclaim on his series ROUGH RIDERS with AfterShock Comics, the winner (by far) of Things From Another World’s Best Comic of 2016, writer Adam Glass (ROUGH RIDERS, SUICIDE SQUADTV’s Supernatural) is teaming with acclaimed artist Dennis Calero (X-FACTOR, KOLCHAK, LEGION OF SUPERHEROES) to bring his new title THE NORMALS back with the publisher.

After my amazing experience with AfterShock Comics on ‘Rough Riders’, I could not think of anyone else I’d rather bring my new baby ‘The Normals’ to.”

Glass’ third series, following last year’s ROUGH RIDERS #1-7 and Wednesday, February 22nd’s release of ROUGH RIDERS: RIDERS ON THE STORM #1, is due to release in May and looks to be a very intriguing premise that would need a writer of Glass’ caliber to pull off. Check out the variant cover for the premiere issue, preview the seven pages complete to inks, and then contact your LCS and add THE NORMALS to your pull list. Expect the debut to sell out quickly!

The Normals #1 – Elizabeth Torque variant


Writer: Adam Glass
Artist: Dennis Calero
Colorist: Adriano Augusto
Letterer: TBD
Cover: Dennis Calero
Incentive Cover: Elizabeth Torque 


Think about your “life” for a moment…the people you’ve known, the one’s you’ve loved, and all the stuff in between. Now imagine you learned that everything YOU believed, everything YOU lived, everything YOU felt actually never happened…it was ALL not real. But it is REAL to YOU and you now must fight to save it and everyone you love. But to do that, you first have to save the world. Welcome to “The Normals,” an exciting new rush-of-blood-to-the-head series at AfterShock Comics.


$3.99 / 32 pages / Color / On Sale 5.27.17


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ABOUT AFTERSHOCK COMICS– Launched in April 2015, AfterShock Comics is a comic book company that combines the creative edge of an independent comic book publisher with the strengths and experience of a traditional powerhouse. In addition to Editor-in-Chief Mike Marts, AfterShock’s executive team includes: Chief Creative Officer/Publisher Joe Pruett; President Lee Kramer, a film/TV production and development executive who has worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood; CEO Jon Kramer, an entertainment entrepreneur with extensive worldwide production and distribution experience, Senior VP Digital-Creative, Mike Zagari, oversees the AfterShock innovative and immersive story-driven digital experiences, Senior VP of Investor Relations Jawad Qureshi an experienced Silicon Valley entrepreneur and investor as well as an award-winning filmmaker, Publishing Operations Manager, Stephan Nilson, Retailer/Fan Relations Manager, Lisa Wu, and Publishing Assistant, Ashley Wyatt.

T H E ~ C R E A T I V E ~ R E V O L U T I O N ~ S T A R T S ~ H E R E !




*** info courtesy of AfterShock Comics

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