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UPDATED – The Mighty Morphin’ Merchandise Mystery & How Goldar Prevented a Power Ranger Danger

by April Carvelli
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EDIT 2/10/17 21:04 CST: After publication of this article, it took off and several people were not happy with that.

Nerd and Tie then chose to follow-up on the article as they were given information I was denied. They managed to speak with Chris Bradley and what they found put a different spin on things. Things aren’t as nefarious as they appeared, but as Trae stated “A little bit more transparency would have squashed this whole thing from the start.”

Mistakes were made and most of those mistakes were amended. Kerrigan, being a big-hearted guy, forgave.

Honesty goes a long way and as I stated “we all make mistakes.” The rapid disposal of evidence screamed GUILTY, and the way it was handled after that wasn’t any better.

To hear the other side of the story read Nerd and Tie here, KERRIGAN MAHAN, HIS AGENT, AND HOW TO ACCIDENTALLY BAIT A JOURNALIST (UPDATED) 

The original article is below:

Ever since the Internet popped up, nothing goes away. Everything we do in the digital world remains there for someone to find, and if someone is ingenious enough, they can find past mistakes on everyone. No big deal, we all make mistakes. But what if the mistakes aren’t yours?….they were by someone pretending to be you? Are you simply going to shrug your shoulders and walk away, lay everything at the feet of the real culprit, or accept the blame and do what you can to correct it?

One well-known celebrity from the Power Rangers Universe decided to take the last course of action.

Kerrigan Mahan is known to many as Goldar from Power Rangers (Zeo and Morphin), others will know him as the voice of Jeb from V.R. Troopers. He is a talented individual who has done more voice and acting appearances than you would even realize.

Last year, Kerrigan stepped up to correct some of the wrongs that were done in his name. He didn’t have to step in, he could have laid all the blame at the feet of the wrongdoer, but he didn’t. Why he did it, I don’t know. Was it to protect his own name which was falsely used, was it to protect another, or was it simply because he had the power to right a wrong? It is hard to say as it seems that the perpetrator got off cleanly. In fact, they are still working directly with Kerrigan Mahan.

The Setup

Someone who had access to Kerrigan’s Facebook page was selling products that they could not or would not deliver. This person was posting as Kerrigan and listing Power Ranger items.

Here are just a few of the original sales postings:

The items I can find go back as far as February 2016, though I have been told by some people that it went back as far as November 2015.

The Hit

Items were listed for sale on Facebook and the first one to lay a claim got to purchase it. ‘Kerrigan’ then asked them to send the money over via paypal to evilxgreen@gmail.com. They were also told to “Send as friends so I have access to the funds immediately.” When someone sent money as Goods, ‘Kerrigan’ was quick to point it out.

Anyone that is wise to the ways of Paypal might have caught on at this point. Sending it as ‘Friends’ meant that the recipient didn’t have to pay fees and that the sender was not protected.

The problem was that this seemed like a friendly, well-known celebrity so everyone took it at face value.

The Foul Ball

After receiving confirmation of payment, many people were told their items would ship shortly. When items didn’t appear at their doors, people starting checking back in. Some people checked in a week or two later, some a month later, all of them assuming that a celebrity’s busy schedule was the cause for delay. All of them got the runaround.

This is a few compiled screenshots of Facebook conversations, names have been redacted to protect the involved parties and obscure those who had no involvement. The involved parties can choose to step forward when they choose.

The excuses for not getting their items included a busy schedule, out of the country with a bad signal, and customs won’t let it through. My favorite two excuses were “my agent was hit by a tornado” and “finding the right box has been a challenge.”

The Discovery

After several months of not getting a decent response, one person used others’ connections to get in touch with the true Kerrigan Mahan.

It was at this point that Kerrigan realized what was occurring on his Facebook page, under his name. He then spoke directly with one of the victims to get the story.

Kerrigan Mahan then issued a public apology via Facebook video on July 28, 2016, where he stated that it was his agent and not himself that had been selling on the Facebook page. Kerrigan also made amends to several of those that had been ripped off by personally meeting with some of the victims and providing compensation in the form of signatures, appearances, T-shirts and other merchandise. There were also several Paypal refunds issued.

It doesn’t take much research to see that his agent at the time was Chris Bradley of Bradley Entertainment Zone, which was formed in June 2015.

Bradley Zone Booking, which he now owns became official on November 18, 2016. I am uncertain when Bradley Entertainment Zone was closed and erased.

EDIT 2/9/17 17:02 CST: Thanks to the additional research of the fine people at Nerd and Tie we have a link connecting Chris Bradley of Bradley Zone Booking and Bradley Entertainment Zone with the email evilxgreen@gmail.com, which was used as the Paypal address for these purchases. You find it at https://plus.google.com/s/evilxgreen%40gmail.com/people, but there is a screen shot below;

The Cover Up

During my research, word got back to Chris Bradley and he contacted me on February 1, 2017. When I asked him about all of this, his response was “Who said I sold it?” to which I pointed out the video Kerrigan had out there, and messages I had from other people. Chris Bradley told me that he would speak with Kerrigan and get back to me. When he returned, he told me that all issues were resolved and neither of them wished to discuss it further.

NOW things get interesting as Chris Bradley was apparently busy attempting to wipe out all evidence. All the Facebook posts related to this are gone, including the video apology by Kerrigan Mahan. Unfortunately, I made an error and did not grab a copy of the Kerrigan Mahan apology video while I could, but I have sufficient proof that it existed and that it was eliminated after my conversation with Chris Bradley

This was the address for the video: https://www.facebook.com/TheTrueGoldar.KerriganMahan/videos/634790763336236/

This is all you get there now:

Edit 2/9/17 17:09 CST:
We have a screen shot of the missing video:

But thanks to Google Cache, we have proof it existed until January 27th, five days before Chris Bradley and I spoke.

Even though original posts were erased, any wall posts that tagged Kerrigan Mahan still remain, including a response to the video.

This is faded because the video it was attached to has been deleted, but because Kerrigan was tagged, it is still recoverable in a search.

After everything hit the fan, and one purchaser stated they bought the item elsewhere, there was still some interesting excuses issued by Chris Bradley himself after they threatened legal action if they didn’t get a refund:

Hey there, sorry I didn’t reply yet. I just got a job and have been working non stop. My first check is this week and I will send you $50-70. The following check I will send the rest that is owed.  My family doesn’t have any money currently or I would send it all to you. You have been very patient and I was never trying to take advantage of you. I sold my collection for my family and my son’s medicine.So I am going to keep you updated once I am paid and message you when the money is sent…

Happy Endings…or not

They did get their refund. In fact, many who had been fighting to get either product or a refund since the beginning of this fiasco walked away quite happy.

Many were quite pleased by Kerrigan’s response and his generosity.

….None of this was Kerrigan’s fault at all. He hooked me up with a tee shirt, multiple autographs, and went as far as to put me on his personal guest list for <Event redacted>, as well as keeping up with me as far as making sure I did get either the item or a refund from his agent, which I got the latter. Kerrigan Mahan is a stand up guy, and made sure to that this situation was handled, and that everyone affected was taken care of.  He also worked closely with his agent to help them both get past the rift this caused in their business relationship, and to make sure that his agent either got the items sent out, or the refunds issued. Everyone involved has been since taken care of….

Not everyone received a solution, and not everyone was completely satisfied with the transaction, but the majority were. There are still a few out there who are out tens to hundreds of dollars, but it is up to them if they wish to step forward.


No one knows the true reason behind all of this, all we know is a handful of facts:

  1. Someone using the name Kerrigan Mahan was selling Power Rangers items
  2. Payment was requested via Paypal and sent as ‘friends’ rather than ‘goods’
  3. After not receiving items, people began asking questions and were either ignored or got the runaround
  4. When Kerrigan was approached in person, he reacted and helped many of the people who felt they had been taken
  5. Kerrigan released a video apologizing to everyone that purchased items and stated that it was his agent
  6. Chris Bradley was his agent at the time of this
  7. When Chris Bradley was asked questions, he declined to comment, stating that Kerrigan would not comment.
  8. All Facebook posts and the video related to this issue have been deleted

I am left with a handful of questions with no answers.

Was it truly this agent? Everyone I spoke with that has dealt with Kerrigan loves him and say that he is a genuinely nice guy. They all have a hard time believing that he would be directly involved in ripping anyone off.

Bradley’s company announced on November 19, 2016 that Kerrigan had signed an exclusive contract with them.

So what I want to know is why he continued to deal with Chris Bradley after all of this, if it was Chris selling the items.

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Trae Dorn February 9, 2017 - 2:15 PM

It could be he switched to the exclusive repping BECAUSE of this. I can think of at least one other agent who was repping him during that time period, and there could have been more.

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