PopCultHQ Comic Book Review: ‘AMERICAN BISON’ #2 from Insane Comics

PopCultHQ received a preview copy of AMERICAN BISON #2 from Insane Comics. Available now, this series is created, written, and illustrated by Steve Benton.

Here’s PopCultHQ’s spoiler-free review of AMERICAN BISON #2

Synopsis for AMERICAN BISON #2:

Steve Benton

Writer: Steve Benton

Artist: Steve Benton



Something sinister is roaming the Great Plains of Colorado in 1853. The nearby US Army garrison fear it’s the local Arapaho tribe becoming unruly. The Native Americans believe the US Army is looking to complete the genocide it has started. Both groups discover it is something much worse.

PopCultHQ’s Comic Book Review:

Writing spoiler-free reviews aren’t always the easiest, as is the case with AMERICAN BISON #2. This issue caught me by surprise. Big time. The reason being some stuff and thangs happened which I want to discuss. Things that evoked a “Whoa!” out of me that couldn’t have been withheld. This issue added something spiritual, but not in the way I could have imagined. Something sinister.

Though I reviewed AMERICAN BISON #1 early in 2016, it’s as if Benton put this title on the shelf for a few years, then came back to it more experienced, more wise, more driven. It’s truly hard to put my finger on just what exactly happened, but whatever it is, or was…so worth it!

There are a couple of things to know prior to picking up AMERICAN BISON: First, it’s a period piece. That may not be your normal fare, but hear me out because it’s worth giving it a chance. Look, History was one of my least favorite and most neglected classes in school. I’ve always been a math and science guy. That being said, if it can get me interested in seeing where Benton is taking this, despite the fact it’s a story set in the 19th century with Native American tribes and rife with history, then anyone can surely give this title a read of just an all-around enjoyable book. And if you recall your American history, this most certainly is a pick for you. But don’t approach AMERICAN BISON thinking your getting a history lesson or recap. This issue will definitely surprise, if not shock you.

Second, and probably the most important, is that AMERICAN BISON is ALL Steve’s handiwork. Not your typical writer+artist+colorist+letterer formula. One guy wanting to tell his story. One man having the innate ability and talent to bring his own vision to life artistically. One. But no ordinary creator, with what must be nothing short of an incredible amount of motivation he constantly has kept within him. His nickname might as well be Lex Luger because Steve is the “total package.”

PopCultHQ’s overall assessment:

I honestly feel after what Steve has done and presented in issue two, even since his first issue, that if he continues this momentum and quality of output, I feel we are on the verge at a 5-star performance. His drive, determination, and passion is extremely admirable and will bring him great success not only with AMERICAN BISON, but anything he puts his mind and heart into.

In a world were we constantly look ahead to the future, AMERICAN BISON is a refreshing look back to the past. Though not your typical book, Insane Comics isn’t your typical publisher. This issue made me see the gifts Steve Benton has to offer creatively and exactly why Insane decided to bring him on board.




PopCultHQ’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

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Writer/Artist/Creator – Steve Benton


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