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Serious TV Drama Podcast 149: Supergirl 2×8 | Flash 3×8 | Arrow 5×8 | Legends 2×7

by Tori Ann
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Last week, The CW aired a four-show crossover event with the characters from Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow all teaming up to defeat an alien threat. The STVD All-Star Squad assembled in a fashion befitting the event to discuss the television event. Given that Heroes vs. Aliens was the biggest tv crossover yet, it seemed only fitting that this was our longest episode yet!

We break down the episodes in spectacular fashion, sharing our thoughts, insights, favorite moments, and criticisms along with ratings of each, and how we thought this compared to the crossover events of the past.

Whether you listen to this on a long trip or break it up into smaller pieces, we hope you enjoy the podcast!


[Recorded 12/1/2016]

* Segment Breakdown

* 0:00:00 – 0:03:44  Intro

* 0:03:45 – 0:32:08  SUPERGIRL (“Medusa”)

* 0:32:09 – 1:12:50  THE FLASH (“Invasion!”)

* 1:12:51 – 1:51:24  ARROW (“Invasion!”)

* 1:51:25 – 2:29:55  LEGENDS OF TOMORROW (“Invasion!”)

* 2:29:56 – 2:36:49  More Crossover Opinions before…

* 2:36:50 – 2:40:43  Wrapping it All Up


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Did you have an episode from the crossover that was your favorite, or did you have a favorite moment? How did you enjoy event? How does it compare to crossovers in the past for you?




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