Wizard World Chicago 2016 Videos – Light Saber Battle, Dance off, and Head Banging Baby Groot

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Wizard World Chicago 2016 was a blast and I got to see and do a lot. One of the many things I did was record video (or tried to) of a few events that just wouldn’t translate correctly to photo. They were the type of thing you just had to see.

Unfortunately my camera is better at photos than it is at video, but I’ve been asked to put these out there because a lot of people still want to see them.

There were some dance-offs that were pretty interesting;

Then one of those dance-offs became a light saber battle.

And Head Banging Baby Groot, just doesn’t translate well to still shot photos.


  1. Hello! I was the Mara Jade in the lightsaber battle, and I’d like to ask your permission to post an excerpt from it on my YouTube channel. I’d credit you and link to your channel, of course, or to whatever URL you prefer.

    It was certainly not something I expected to happen when I left the house that day, and I’m so thankful someone caught it on video and posted it!

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