Cosplay Photos – Wizard World Chicago Sunday: Part 1 – Adventures with Baby Groot (29 Pics)

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Four days of Wizard World Chicago have wrapped up and popculthq was there for all four. Sunday was the day that Baby Groot came out to play and he had some merry adventures.


Baby Groot was ‘borrowed’ from us and was led up and down artists alley by Canadian Illustrator & Animation Artist Kurt Lehner, whose credits includes Gargoyles, Space Jam, W.I.L.D. Cats,  Marvel Action Hour and Rescue Heroes. Kurt had a speaker playing  I Want You Back by the Jackson Five and was the pied piper to Baby Groot as he led him on a merry chase up and down artists alley.

(Whoever has the video of this, please let me know, hopefully it will appear soon.)

Groot met several artists and got to pose with them (and got a free signed picture or two!)


Baby Groot also picked up a friend named Twiggy, who joined him in pictures…Twiggy currently resides in a pot next to Baby Groot’s computer.

100_8967 (289x600)Baby Groot got to meet a lot of people and had a great day.