Cosplay Photos – Wizard World Chicago Friday: Part 2 – John Barrowman Sighting and Other Displays

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You never know what will happen at Wizard World. I can’t believe I was less than five feet from John Barrowman and I didn’t even realize it. I was too busy taking photos of cosplayers to notice what was going on behind me. I didn’t notice until my husband pointed it out to me. Apparently John had a cookie and was having some fun.

I may not have caught all the action ..but I did manage to snap a few photos:

And on the plus side…he saw me taking photos
100_8523 (400x600)Bye Bye John…100_8524 (400x600)
And now that the celebrity excitement is over, let’s show you some of the cool vendor stuff that is upstairs by the gaming room.

There were some fantastic gaming displays set up…

and Life Size Prop Shop had some awesome props displayed:

The disappointing part up here was the Star Trek Bridge. Oh well we can’t win them all:
100_8430 (600x400)This was probably the best possible angle from which to shoot the pic and have it turn out okay.

Watch for more pics from Wizard World Chicago from PopCultHQ all weekend! Here’s a look at Part 1 of Friday’s con.