Cosplay Photos – Wizard World Chicago Friday: Part 1 – Kids and Families

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Day 2 of Wizard World Chicago is over and after walking countless miles, discharging three sets of batteries and recording several interviews…I hurt. All I really want to do is lie down on the sofa and watch the new pilot episode of The Tick, but I am here slaving away at photos so everyone can see them.

It was a great day at Wizard World and the cosplays rocked.  If they were this good today, then I wonder how many will be there tomorrow?

Today’s photos are starting off with the awww factor….the kids…and some of these are truly great.

I think this was the best cosplay family of the day….Stormageddon, Not Mum, Mum, the Peasants and K-9. It was perfect

And this was my favorite solo cosplay of the kids today…I love Plants Vs. Zombies

100_8327 (400x600) 100_8329 (400x600)


Here are some of the rest: