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Spoiler-Free Overview of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

by Manny Popoca
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Thanks to Warner Bro’s Pictures, I was able to attend a special fans early premiere of the newest installment to the DC comics cinematic universe. Before the movie started director Zack Snyder gave a short message to the fans asking to please not reveal any spoilers or plot-lines from the movie, so I won’t. Even though I was invited as a fan, I will abide by the strict embargo madia rules. But I will give a brief description of what you can expect from BvS:Dawn of Justice.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was supposed to be the sequel to Man of Steel, a movie already mired in deep controversy for its heavy handed depiction of a dark and brooding Superman. A movie that has changed the way past generation remembered the superhero filled of morals and ideology. Only to be introduced to a Man of Steel that was forced to fight a battle in a city where heavy losses of collateral damage and tremendous loss of life took place. Then ultimately placed in the shocking dilemma of having to take a life with his very own hands.

What we got in Man of Steel was a blend of a classic superhero placed in today’s “real world.” That folks is the major problem with the entire DC/WB’s attempts at making a great comic book movies based on their staple of iconic characters. While Marvel comic book characters are based in the “real world,” it is simpler to adjust the transition of comic book to movies. DC on the other hand is based in its own made-up Earth in a multitude of alternate universes, that they themselves don’t even know how to make a strict continuity with. In cities called Metropolis, Gotham, Star City, The Amazon island filled with woman warriors, to an underwater kingdom Atlantis. There is NOTHING real about that universe and WB and DC just don’t get it, that forcing a “real world” aspect is the complete opposite to what DC Studios is doing in TV. The darkest of Marvel Studio movies has to be X-Men First Class, the most violent is Winter Soldier, the most character driven team hero fun movie is Avengers and GotG. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice misses on all aspects of trying to reach any single one of those Marvel Studios films.

With too many hands in the kitchen you can tell how this film was pieced together with what was started as a Man of Steel sequel, and then each additional persons touch was added. While Zack Snyder recreates Watchmen, as he loves his cinematic styling, Affleck and his demands for re-writes on-set are tossed in to appease his love of hearing his voice. Finally the images we have seen of all the main villains are just as bad as they seem. Also introducing too many characters in one movie falls completely short of all expectations.




Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in all honesty is a hot mess of what everyone thought would be wrong with BvS.

DC comic fans will have TONS to bitch about.

Kids will be affected by the crazy amounts of volatile violence that seriously takes no prisoners.

There is going to be a lot of confused non-comic fans and children.

Very young children can be frightened and or emotional from this movie.

No humor or fun moments at all, just lots of cool “imagery.”


Wonder Woman is going to be the best thing to ever come out of Warner Bro’s Pictures!!

Batman v Superman fight is all Frank Miller The Dark Knight Returns – totally awesome!

People will go see this movie in droves as they should at least give it a chance.

That’s all I can say for now and I hope people do go to see the movie, at least to see the film and have their own opinion. Everybody has their own likes and dislikes. Come back for a more In-depth review and breakdown of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice after this Friday’s opening.

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