PopCultHQ Comic Book Review – “The Wendy Project” From EMET Comics

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PopCultHQ continues our spotlight on EMET Comics with The Wendy Project #1.  The story follows Wendy Davies, a teenager struggling between fantasy and reality.  The young girl is involved in an accident, while driving her two brothers, that sends their car off a bridge into the water below.  As Wendy and brother John float to the surface, the titular character looks up in the sky and sees what appears to be someone floating off with her youngest brother Michael.  She begins to hear voices, sounding as if from the heavens, beckoning to her to follow.

The ordeal put young Wendy into a hospital.  When questioned later by the police as to how the accident occurred, she tries to explain the phenomenon she witnessed all to the officers chagrin.  They approach Mr. and Mrs. Davies and inquire as to the girl and possibility of substance abuse due to the fantastic recollection of the event.



The teenager undergoes psychiatric treatment to help her come to grips with the accident and loss of her brother.  Though everyone accepts the young boy’s death, Wendy is convinced that he is alive and will return.  She begins experiencing visions, where people she encounters take on the imagery of characters from Neverland.  It is these visions and encounters the shrink wants young Wendy to draw in a sketchbook as a way to describe what she is experiencing.  Ms. Davies reluctantly takes the journal, but tries to rid herself of it (though it mysteriously keeps returning to her).

As a means for coping, her parents send her to another school, where she instantly feels like an outsider.  A young boy, Eben, catches her eye; not just in his good looks, but she envisions him as Peter Pan.  After coming to Eben’s aid in class, the boy invites her to a late-night bonfire get-together with other high school students.

WP3Her surviving brother John, who became mute following the incident, is the only other person who could have witnessed what Wendy had seen and corroborated her story.  Try as she might, she is unable to get him to speak and assure their parents she isn’t crazy.

Forced to attend a funeral for her assumed dead brother, Wendy opts to sneak away to attend the party.  Once there, she is giving some alcohol which immediately sets her in a tailspin and a dreamland.  She finds herself falling, and while in mid-air, is shot in the side with an arrow.  When she comes to, Eben is there to greet her, places her in the backseat, and gives her a ride home.

Upon arriving home, her irate parents scold her for ditching the wake and partying with the schoolkids.  Upon storming to her room, Wendy finds John perched by the window with her sketchbook.  Though still unable to speak, she finds her brother has drawn what looks to be Peter Pan, confirming that he witnessed and experienced what his sister had as well.

Writer Melissa Jane Osbourne does an excellent job at depicting grief, whether from the lead character’s family, or Wendy herself.  She arouses a thought-provoking look at the fantastic possibilities encountered by a traumatic event, as well as a true characterization of the trials of adolescence.  Artist Veronica Fish (Archie, Pirates of Mars, Helena Rose) continues to show her range with strong sketchwork and light, wispy colors depicting the visions Wendy sees.

PopCultHQ’s rating for The Wendy Project

PopCultHQ 4 out of 5 stars
*** PopCultHQ 4 out of 5 stars ***


Here’s the official summary from EMET Comics for The Wendy Project:

A modern-day Wendy confronts her sanity when she suspects a mysterious flying boy has abducted her little brother. Placed in a new school, Wendy struggles to separate fantasy from reality as those around her start to resemble characters from Neverland.

EMET Comics Rating: TEEN +13 – Some material may not be suitable for children. Subject matter may have mild violence, and inappropriate language/body humor.

We recommend that parents read our comics before buying them for their children.

You can purchase the digital or print copy of issue #1 from EMET Comics on Shopify.


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