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From Insane Comics: “Ximphonic Versus” – A PopCultHQ Spotlight Review

by Manny Popoca
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Ximphonic Versus: Fabula Cristallum Thronus.

PopCultHQ Review: I have been very fortunate to get a special exclusive sneak peek at Ximphonic Versus, thanks to fine people of Insane Comics and Ximphonic Versus‘ phenom artist Xing Xin. What a privilege it was, to get a glimpse of what fans will be blown away by when this jaw-dropping fantasy tale is launched this coming summer/fall.

What I can say so far about Ximphonic Versus; is that it will be a grand-epic of its own hyper-fantasy, sci-fi design. While I would like to compare this to something….I just can’t. There is nothing in my 30 years of reading comic books and strolling the comic con floors has shown me anything like Xing’s artwork in a comic. I’ve only seen artwork like this in highly glossed CG fantasy art posters you would find sold for high dollars. Those posters can take months to create even with the amounts of computer graphics used to enhance eye-popping artwork. No CG was used drawing Ximphonic Versus! Each panel you will see is dripping in artistic richness, with so much to look at and admire. I go back looking at the stunning cover, or any of the art-pop goodness you get from each panel and I swear I notice something different every time. Pure eye-candy for the soul, that is the only way I can find to describe the look of this amazing comic.

Covers for issues #0 -#3

We have yet to even divulge much into the epic behind Ximphonic Versus: Fabula Cristallum Thronus. A tale that reaches far beyond the lands of realism and even fantasy itself. There is majestic castles with towering statues at the gates, there is hot looking cars led by a steed of mystical horses (horsepower, HA, I see what they did there!). When you have such imagination, such visuals and each character so unique looking with legends to their own name. You gather all that and have them battle over the different realms of the kingdoms that are found in this new and fascinating world, it becomes enthralling! While I want to compare what I’ve seen so far with epics like the The Never Ending Story, the legends of Narnia or even Final Fantasy – mashed together with some bits of Japanese sci-fi fantasy manga. But what you see from Ximphonic Versus is going to gets lots of attention, for the ground-breaking splash it will make on the independent comic world. This is one to be very excited for, just check out the trailer provided below, it’s hard not to be sucked into this wondrous looking  new series

PopCultHQ Rating:

PopCultHQ 5 out of 5 stars

*** PopCultHQ 5 out of 5 stars ***



PopCultHQ was also able to speak with artist Xing Xin, and talk about his ground-breaking new comic.

PopCultHQ: I would assume you used CG for top layer coloring?

Xing Xin: “Actually no CG, we have found a way to do things with Photoshop only. I hand draw everything you see in the book. Every page and panel are drawn in the style you see.”

PopCultHQ: That is outstanding! Great work.

PopCultHQ: What would you like to tell the fans about your book?

Xing Xin: “When you’re doing something new it takes time. Essentially what I’m trying to achieve with comic books and graphic novels. It is what Testsuya Nomura has achieved with (The Upcoming) Final Fantasy XV in terms of quality”

Official synopsis:
In the final days, the Kingdom of Glass is to host an imperial armistice, ending a long and bitter conflict between Honorum’Idola and the Countith’alyian Dynasty. The crowned Prince Addonnis, heir to the Lucem-Duodecim throne. Having recently buried his beloved wife, sets forth from his homeland to witness this union of peace. At the same time a marriage between the Lady Lunafryst of the imperial province of Glass is set to take place.


This is our hero

The truce, however, was a ruse, and the imperial enemy armies launched a full-scale invasion of the Glass kingdom, seeking to capture their sacred power for themselves. Quickly the crown city and its Crystal fall in one fell swoop. Addonnis soon learns, new powers have arisen, as the fabled Celestial Swords of Eon have returned to the mortal realm.

Seemingly overnight the peace so long sought has become a distant memory. As Addonnis and Lunafryst, witness their world crumbling around them. And the Dragons mysterious powers over fate draws them to the same tragedy. Addonnis has naught but a choice to face the two evil paths laid before his feet, as he Struggles to capture the Symphonic swords of Eon, enduring the tumultuous trials ahead of him. Whomever shall posses both the swords and the Crystals will capture the last true “Throne Of Kings”.

Official trailer: 

XV: Fabula Cristallum Thronus Coming 2016 from Broken Heart Productions: Somnia Eorum And Insane Comics, LLC


Broken Heart Productions Creative Team:

S.Xing Xin.B – Creator, writer, penciler, inker, colorist, Art Director & Lead Designer of all characters, landscapes, weapons, textures and light renders/digital colors
Endro Yuwono – Lead Colorist
Kevin Combs – Second Lead Colorist
Dennis Mundt – 3D Logos
Nicko Zuriaga – Matte Painter/3D Backgrounds
Taylor Esposito – Professional Letter

XV: Fabula Cristallum Thronus Coming 2016 from Broken Heart Productions: Somnia Eorum And Insane Comics, LLC

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