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Hang Low Aim High #1 – From Insane Comics: PopCultHQ Comic Book Review

by Manny Popoca
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Hang Low Aim High #1

Written by: Kelly Bender
Art by: Adrian Crismaru
Lettered by: Nic Shaw

It’s a big day in town, as the hanging of a deadly train robber is bringing all the folks out to the big event. The most wanted man in three states is about to meet his justice, only there is one problem. This known lying sack of cattle chips is saying he has a treasure hidden and only he knows the secret. The poor towns people needs this money, his gang wants their loot and any dirty lowlife around these parts of the country want in on it too. This is going to be a special hanging indeed as nothing goes as is planned and the entire town ends up in a bullet-flying gun battle. Welcome to the Wild West of Hang Low Aim High!

Hang Low Aim High, is a tough one to rate. On one hand, I’m not a fan of Western comics but I do love me some great Western movies. On the other hand, I really wanted to like this book as I was getting into the great way the writer took the pains to make each character sound pretty authentic (a few Western movie clichés aside) to their time. Along with a dang good story that was moving along nicely, till a few glitches had me downright confused on what had transpired in the last few pages. I got lost due to not being able to clearly see and understand what was going on and who was what. More clarity in panels will help in the future. A few storytelling edits could have really enchanted the story in some points in my opinion, but overall this was a great promising work at American Westerns.

The watercolor artwork is something new to comic fans and may turn off those that judge books by only taking a glimpse of the artwork (I would say cover but this cover is phenomenal!). I grew up on Mexican novella comics that were deeply rooted in Westerns or crime noir stories, so this takes me back to my childhood days of thumbing those tiny books with similar art style. While the scenery reminds me of looking at Van Gogh type abstract art and characters looking like those novellas of old, I could admire many panels and really dig the Western rustic vibe.


Just a bit more refinement and we got ourselves a wonderful tale to follow while you admire the craftsmanship of watercolor artwork. If you like the original classic Clint Eastwood Westerns or shooter like Tombstone and Wyatt Earp, this ones for you.

PopCultHQ Rating:

PopCultHQ 3 out of 5 stars

*** PopCultHQ 3 out of 5 stars ***

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Preview pages

A notorious train robber has been caught and sentenced to death by hanging and the whole town comes out to witness the execution of the most wanted man in three states.

On the gallows, the man tells anyone who will listen that his loot is buried and he will give the location to anyone who helps spare his life.

The townsfolk are poor….. His old gang wants the money…… And the town sheriff is left with just two choices….


Beautiful art done in watercolors to give an authentic western feel to the book!

Pin up art

Pin up art

* Western
About Book
Page Count: 27 Pages
Age Rating: 12+ Only
Sold by: ComiXology

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