Cosplay Spotlight: Robyn Murphy Costumier

In my random wanderings across the realm of the Internet, I find some stuff that is just scary and some stuff that is absolutely amazing. One of my recent finds is Robyn Murphy, a costumer out of Sydney, Australia.

She’s been doing cosplay for over 10 years and just recently revisited what she says is one of her original cosplays.


Aerith Gainsborough from FF7. The original costume was purchased and dyed components, the new one was hand made by Robyn herself.


Just look at some of the detail she puts into it.

jacket jacket1

She started as an amateur costumer but is now a professional with her work being used on stage by musician Jessica Mauboy, and on the TV mini-series House of Hancock .

Jessica Mauboy Mardi Gras Costume
Jessica Mauboy Mardi Gras Costume


Keep an eye on her, I’m sure that there are more big things coming up for Robyn.