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PopCultHQ New Comics Spotlight: Marvel’s Daredevil #1

by Manny Popoca
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Daredevil (2015-) #1
Written by: Charles Soule
Art by: Ron Garney
Cover by: Ron Garney
Genres: Superhero

Daredevil is BACK and this book couldn’t be more fitting to the character! Written by Charles Soule and stunning art by Ron Garney, Matt Murdock is once again under the cowl of the Hell’s Kitchen’s most feared vigilante of justice. The Man Without Fear is back at the helm and no one seems to know about it anymore, well that is all but his partner in the law offices, Foggy Nelson. What has transpired in the months after Marvel’s Secret Wars to place us here, we’ll have to keep reading to find out. That wont be a problem as Daredevil the comic book is so damn good, I can’t wait to see what comes each darkly brooding issues after issue. The team of Soule and Garney have truly come up with a gem of a comic series, that any new fan from the Netflix shows, along with old fans alike will deeply enjoy following along. Very highly recommended pick-up!

Back in black and on his home turf, Daredevil begins again in New York City as a new enemy emerges. Meanwhile his alter ego, Matt Murdock, is on a new side of the law in the District Attorney’s office. Fighting crime in the shadows, prosecuting bad guys in the light, it’s a whole new chapter for our man without fear including the arrival of the devil’s advocate. Welcome to Hell, Blindspot.

Preview pages: 

About Book

Page Count: 23 Pages

Digital Release Date: December 2 2015

Age Rating: 12+ Only

Copyright: 2015 Marvel Characters, Inc.

Sold by: Marvel, ComiXology 


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