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The Future is Foretold in Valiant’s Shocking – Book of Death #4

by Christian Kern
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BOOK OF DEATH #4 (of 4)


The Valiant series, Book of Death comes to a stunning conclusion at the end of this month with issue #4. Valiant was nice enough to send PopCultHQ an early copy to read and review; provided I don’t spoil and give any of the shocking story away. Trust me, this ending is a drastic turn of events in the Valiant Universe.

Now there isn’t much to actually say without going into explicit detail, except, that the ending to this series is awesome for any Valiant fan! Cover to cover action and combat! I’ve always loved a good Eternal Warrior fight and this is what I got! Although, where it stands; is Gilad’s story in his fight against Master Darque, it is Tama who steals the show and our hearts. the young girl who is Earth’s new chosen Geomancer must rise above it all and face her fears, coming out from under the protective shell of her provided bodyguard, Gilad Anni-Pada; the Eternal Warrior. that’s all I am at liberty to say about ‘Book of Death’ #4 without giving away more intricate detailed story and spoilers. Although there are other aspects of the story we can explore and discuss without spoiling the issue for you.

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First let us examine the company which has given us this four-month long roller coaster story of revelations. Valiant, the ‘Come Back Kid‘ has been making noise by resurrecting their old dormant characters and even landing a five picture movie deal with Sony. Exciting stuff for everyone a Valiant fan even those who have been reading Valiant books since the early 90s. I grew up with Valiant so when I saw they had returned back in 2012, I was excited and they have never let me down since. I had read about the relaunch in 2011 but there had been numerous attempts to breathe life back into Valiant Comics over the years, I neglected to hold my breath.

However, ‘Book of Death’ as a whole is Valiant’s effort at breaking their formula of story telling, it was a well-known and well received formula. Valiant used to have everything mapped out, the future of characters laid bare like a road map and as we read each issue of our favorite series we could see these characters traveling this destined path. ‘Book of Death‘ shows us Valiant is evolving and changing tactics. The conclusion shows us the future is no longer set in stone. The Valiant characters have become masters of their own destiny.


This can be a double-edged sword. where pigeon holing your writers into an established canon and direction can be… creatively stifling for some it can also help reign creative teams in and keep them focused. Hopefully this will open up a lot of doors for creators in the long run.

Now the story itself reads from beginning to end rather fluidly. There were side books for this event but they aren’t required reading. However what Valiant has always done was to make it fun to read everything and not just the main mini-series. I’m not telling you to run out and snag all the Book of death tie-in issues but I am saying if you want a broader, more in-depth look of just how much impact the Geomancer and the Book of Geomancer hold over the sway of the Valiant Universe then by all means run out and snag it all!

‘Book of Death’ is a fun, gripping read and one that constantly leaves the reader guessing at the turn of every page. Whatever you do, DO NOT skip to the last few pages!

BOOK OF DEATH #4 (of 4)

Cover A by CARY NORD
Valiant Icons Variant Cover by PERE PEREZ
Artist Variant by PAOLO RIVERA

An evil Geomancer has torn the world asunder… The dark puppet master pulling the strings has been unmasked… And the Valiant Universe as we know it is being torn apart… The end is here!

Now, not even the combined might of the Valiant’s best and brightest can avert the coming apocalypse – not without a sacrifice, that is. Who will pay the ultimate price to avoid the Armageddon promised in the pages of the Book of the Geomancer? And how will it irrevocably change the course of Valiant Universe?

All the answers are here in the climactic final chapter by longtime Valiant scribe Robert Venditti (X-O MANOWAR) and all-star artists Robert Gill (ETERNAL WARRIOR) and Doug Braithwaite (UNITY)! So let it be written… So let it be done!

The Book of Death #4 preview pages:

$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | ONE-SHOT |On Sale OCTOBER 28 (FOC – 10/5/15)


Also featuring an exclusive WRATH OF THE ETERNAL WARRIOR PREVIEW EDITION on its reverse side, witness the stunning final pages of Valiant’s earth-shaking event…and then begin the journey towards the next landmark ongoing series that begins in its wake, only in BOOK OF DEATH #4 (of 4) – on sale October 28th!



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