Bendis Says All New Marvel Not a Reboot. We at PopcultHQ Absolutely Disagree!

Say goodby to the Marvel you once loved
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Brian Michael Bendis the award-winning comic writer​ says that Marvel’s All-New All-Different line is NOT a reboot! He also tries to call out the media sites that spread such rumors. Let’s first look back at what Mr. Bendis had to say during the Special Edition: NYC convention, in Marvel’s panel for Marvel’s “Next Big Thing.”

The panel, which included Bendis, who spoke out definitively stating that Marvel’s All-New All-Different approach  “is no reboot,” and Bendis then tries to even call out the so-called “rumor mongers who started that.”

After being asked by a fan during Q&A’s Bendis adamantly said,

“There is no reboot coming. It was never planned to reboot. We don’t need to reboot. All continuity is still there. What we do have is a way to be additive. We’re making the Marvel Universe exciting and dangerous, because you won’t know what the hell is going to happen.”

After another fan question that asked “How important will the X-Men and Fantastic Four be after Secret Wars?” Bendis replies with…

“It’s almost like someone at Marvel is screwing around with people that have X-Men paranoia,”

D’Lando, a Marvel PR man, pointed out that there is two Wolverines on the new poster, as well as Ben Grimm, and followed up by saying, “Stay tuned…”


Well Mr. Bendis, and Marvel, Popculthq​ and myself as Owner/EIC I have this in response since we are one of those media sites that started this “rumor”.

When it looks like a reboot, it taste like a reboot and reeks of a reboot……..then in all cases it IS a f@$&ing reboot!!!

Even if some elements of the original Marvel still exist in his so-called “continuity” this is not the Marvel we the fans grew up with and really don’t want any involvement with this so-called “NEW” Marvel. Keep going Hollywood and drawing in the popular crowds for the moment but honestly Disney and their business practices are interfering with Marvel creativity…….I don’t like that. The “House of Ideas” that Stan Lee and Jack Kirby so creatively helped build from the ground up, has just turned into a major cash cow looking for the next hype wave to bank in on. To me, Independent comics is where it’s going to be at in the very near future and we only have to thank Marvel and DC comics for that.

We here at PulpcultHQ pride ourselves on setting the trends and being able to pick and choose the next wave to hit the pop world’s shores. We do see Marvel keeping its success in the movie realm and new comic book readers that come from that exposure. Marvel will even strike it huge with a new crop of female comic book readers and the variant comic book cover hounds will still be there. Eventually though what All-New All-Different Marvel will end up doing is lose a slew of hard-core Classic Marvel fans and those longtime comic fans who are desperately hungry for new and creative stories, not just the rehashing of old ideas.


What do the fans gain with the New Marvel:

– Iron Man as the face of Marvel characters: Brian M. Bendis is going to helm Marvel’s newest headliner. With Disney wanting to phase out Wolverine, and till they get Spider-Man back fully, Iron Man is who we the fans are stuck with as Marvel’s new golden boy but still not the golden goose. The golden goose prize goes to someone else at Marvel comics and that’s even more ironic when I tell you who that is.

– A much more diverse group of superheroes: There is no complaint with me on this. The new crop of female readers and young kids is great to see as a veteran comic book fan. It’s just a shame it has to come at the expense of a corporation’s decision to move this phase in order to compensate for the losses of other comic book properties like the “true” F4 and the X-Men.

Ms. Marvel, Spider-Gwen, Silk, Miles Morales, Female Thor, Female Wolverine, Falcon Captain America are all good for the young and female comic book industry I won’t deny that.


– All Different versions of character fans grew up reading: We have Female Thor who can be connected to the movies now with Jane. Since Disney doesn’t want to promote the X-Men and Wolverine anymore for FOX so then the Marvel comics are forced to make changes to the character by trying to make Logan’s daughter “X-23” the all-different Wolverine. But Marvel cannot lose out on milking their biggest mutant…..oh wait. Because Disney can’t use mutants in their movies why not just take the mutant word out of Marvel comics now to spite FOX. So non-mutant Old Man Logan makes his debut into the mainstream comic world because Marvel still does not want to lose out on the Wolverine 4 movie money.  Marvel has Spider-Man movie rights on loan so they will still make Spider-Man comics. Not only that, we get two Spider-Mans! Peter Parker for the upcoming movie tie-ins and Miles Morales for the diverse crowd and possible future movie plans.

Ant Man Banner

– Spotlights on Hollywood characters: So you can all see the pattern now correct? You see why Bendis does not want to call this a reboot because it’s all basically a money-grab-reboot by Disney!! Daredevil, Ant-Man, Deadpool, Dr Strange, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Inhumans and of course Guardians of the Galaxy. The whole reason for Secret Wars was to do the same thing DC comics did when they launched New 52. Everything you once knew about that company’s history is supposed to be erased from your memory but still stay in the back of you mind when introduced to a new version of that companies universe.  Only now with Marvel all that lovely Marvel history will be oriented toward the aspects introduced in the entertainment world. The Infinity Gems changes, the way SHIELD with Quake, the Inhumans will also be more interesting all of a sudden. If you want to know who’s going to be popular in Marvel comics just look towards the future of Marvel films and TV projects

– Inhumans: I spotlight the Inhumans because this is what I’m thinking Disney/Marvel are trying to do. Since they want to phase the mutant gene out of Marvel like a Cassandra Nova, Marvel will replace the mutant gene with the Inhumans gene! It will no longer be safe to be an Inhuman for they will be the newly persecuted group in the Marvel U.

siege3-deadpool (1)
Deadpool is still Marvel comics major cash maker! Even if it is still owned by Fox Studios they won’t fade him out!!

– Deadpool: If Marvel does not own Deadpool then why are they going to still make Deadpool comics unlike the other disbanded misfit characters not in the Marvel Studios stables. It is very simple…….Deadpool is the GOLDEN GOOSE Marvel will not miss out on. Even if FOX won’t play ball by giving back the mutants to Marvel Studios/Disney, there is no way in hell Marvel comics would pass up on the Deadpool craze. This is the only exception I see from Disney’s newest marketing plan also known as The All-New All-Diffrent Marvel.


What are the fans losing with the New Marvel:

– Wolverine and Spider-Man as the face of Marvel comics: Whatever Marvel studios and Disney do not own will no longer be the face of Marvel comics. Even the Fantastic Four will not be displayed in ads anymore. This is all marketing strategy.

– No more mutants: The whole Marvel mutant lore is somehow wiped out of everyone’s consciousness. Mutants are no longer the persecuted superhero group of Marvel. That title will belong to the Inhumans.

– Massive events: The massive cross-over events that made longtime fans drool like Avengers vs. X-Men, Civil War, and Infinity Gauntlet will never feel the same. Marvel comics will be All-New All-Different but they will all be All-Watereddown! With no X-Men, Fantastic Four or even Wolverine to headline such massive epic stories, it will be up to the new batch to carry the load. I don’t see future events ever being as good as they have just been recently even as Secret Wars has been. This will be the final one.

– The phasing out of characters Marvel does not have movie right to: So if I haven’t knocked it over your head enough by now. In order to spite FOX studios and force them to give those right back to Marvel: Fantastic Four, Wolverine, X-Men, Deadpool. The war of Disney and Warner Bro. is what we the long time comic book fans have to suffer with. That is why I think the future of comics is not with Marvel or DC comics anymore. Superheroes comics are in the downfall and Indy comics is the place to go for creative and original content!

If All-New All-Diffrent Marvel is not a “reboot”, I don’t know what is? Walks like a duck, sounds like a duck and looks like a duck to Bendis it must be a goose! Huh?!

Say goodby to the Marvel you once loved
Say goodby to the Marvel you once loved
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