PopcultHQ Trivia: Marvel’s Original God of Thunder, Thor! Eric Allan Kramer?

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Return of the Incredible Hulk
The Incredible Hulk

A new feature we will be bringing you here on PopCultHQ.com will be MannysPlace Trivia. Here I will be highlighting fun bits of trivia hidden in our favorite comic book-related TV shows and movies!! Not only will I point them out, I’ll even go further by explaining these pieces of trivia  to non-comic book fans who are not all geeked up like we are here.

Today I am highlighting: Marvel’s first THOR!!

UPDATE: Eric Allan Kramer hit us up on Twitter: @CultHq and sent us this message over my blog! Thanks Eric!!


Hulk / Thor Meme

Have you seen this meme (Above) poking fun of the old Incredible Hulk TV show with Hulk played by Lou Ferrigno and a poor-mans version of what supposed to look like the God of Thunder himself the almighty Thor?!

Yes, your face palms sound thunderous, I could hear them!


Well that’s not the trivia here. What is the trivia…….did you know who the actor is playing this knockoff Thor? (Eric Allan Kramer)

The Thor everyone keeps making fun of is actually the Dad’Bob’from the outrageously popular and funny Disney X D family show “Good Luck Charlie!” Does that blow your mind?

Here is just another cameo Eric Allan Kramer has done. In the comedy movie “American Wedding” from the American Pie series, Kramer played the pimp (videos provided below) that gave one of the more standout performances in the entire movie. Kramer has been well known for his comedic talents, since one of his first acting starts in a speaking extra role on the classic TV show Rosanne. Not many will recall he played a drunk bar patron who gets into a fight with ‘Dan’ in one of the first episodes of the shows premier season. Kramer has always been a stand-out to me anytime he is on screen. I will admit though…..I was very shocked to find out he was the ‘original’ Marvel Thor!!

Well here is even more of a kicker my fellow geeks! did you also know that this same actor is the memorable automatic weapon carrying loudmouth bodyguard ‘Boris’ to the eccentric movie director ‘Lee Donowitz’ at the end of the film “True Romance”? Yup, the same one who “hates cops”, starts the gun fight, than wants an “ambulance” at the end of the final shootout.

Erik Allan Kramer

I hope that blew your minds!! Share that bit of trivia with your friends and see if anyone knows this stuff at all that! let me give you a shocking look at all the places you’ve seen Eric Allan Kramer before, I think you will find this quite amusing.

Return of the Incredible Hulk TV Show

More ‘classic’ Thor

Good Luck Charlie

American Wedding

True Romance shoot out scene (warning violent explicit)

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