Get Exclusive Marvel Content in a Bi-Monthly Surprise Box

Do you like presents? Do you like surprises? I know I do…


If you are like me, then you keep seeing all these monthly mystery geek boxes and you keep thinking about subscribing… after all, you really want some of the stuff they show. You just aren’t sure if it is worth it. You almost wonder if you would be disappointed if you actually did subscribe to it. And if it did disappoint you, then you would be upset with yourself for spending the money on it.

Holding out on those other subscription might have been worth it because now Marvel has their own.

The Marvel Collector Corps!

Every month you are guaranteed to get one T-shirt out of four possible designs, one stylized vinyl collectible and two premium accessories.

They guarantee no fluff and tell us that you are getting at least $50 worth of stuff for only $25.

Sign up now as a founding member and, if keep your subscription for a year, you will get a very limited edition founder statue on the anniversary of your subscription.

Boxes ship every two months and the very first one ever is next month. If you want to get on board, you better act quickly. This month’s theme is Avengers: Age of Ultron, and the next box in June features Ant-Man.

The newest announcement on the first ever Marvel Collector Corps box is the addition of a limited edition comic. You don’t want to miss out on this. Sign up for one today

marvel collector corp comic

Anyone want to order one for me???